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[Condor-users] Usage auditing/specifying allowed submit hosts

Hello, another couple of questions for you all.

I need to keep an audit trail of Condor usage, which hosts have
submitted jobs, what has been executed, how long for and so on.

Quill looks like the mechanism for this, but it means I have to trust
the submit hosts more than I'd like to.

I could probably live with that if I could specify at the Central
Manager which hosts are allowed to submit jobs, but I've not worked out
if this is possible; I can't just keep HOSTALLOW_WRITE updated with a
list of them as that locks out execute hosts too.

My questions therefore are:

1. Is Quill the only mechanism for collecting auditing data? Is there a
means of collecting everything just from the Central Manager?

2. If Quill is the only feasible solution, is there a way of specifying
at the Central Manager those hosts which are able to submit jobs?

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