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Re: [Condor-users] Jobs License Management

Stuart Anderson wrote:
In the context of the new Concurrency Limit will it be possible for a running job to drop a resource constraint when it is done with it, or is it implicitly assumed that all jobs require their specified resources for their entire lifetime?

The motivation for this is managing I/O resources where a typical work flow is to launch a large number of jobs that each read in a large amount data from a shared filesystem (or set of filesystems), and then crunch on the data for a long time before outputing a relatively small amount of results. It would be interesting to be able to hand out tokens for filer access but then be able to return them after the I/O intensive phase of each individual job is done.


Stuart Anderson  anderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Right now the limits exist for the lifetime of the job. It is conceivable that jobs able to modify their ad, via chirp, would be able to update the limits they use. However, this is currently not part of the implementation.