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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-g and GT42 in Condor v7.1.3

I should have mentioned that client and servers (both GT 4.2 and GT 4.0.8) run
on the same machine, so i can't see any firewall issues.



I'm currently testing ws-gram v4.2 support in condor-g from 7.1.3.

It seems that job state change notification messages are not processed on the client-side, because, according to the output of condor_q, jobs change their state only when the client
polls for state (GRIDMANAGER_JOB_PROBE_INTERVAL==300).
I see that condor-g subscribes for job state change notifications though, because a persisted subscription resource per job shows up in the persistence directory, so notification messages
should be sent.
I don't think that the notification mechanism is broken on the server-side, because I can see the notification SOAP messages in the GT container logfile, and it works ok with globusrun-ws
and another testing client I'm using.

Notification messages seem to be processed ok by Condor-g if i submit the same jobs with the
same Condor version to ws-gram from GT 4.0.8.

I attached my condor job description, and the Gridmanager log in debug mode.

Is there anything i might have misconfigured?

Thanks, Martin


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