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Re: [Condor-users] Condor commands execution using system() function in C++

Hi Burnett,

I have tried changing the privilege levels of the folders as well. I made
sure I have full control for everyone on the system. But it still gives me
the same trouble. As a check, I had another small program, 'printHI.exe' in
the same folder and executed. That works fine with the system() function.
It's just that none of the condor executables work through the system
function. I have tried condor_status.exe, condor_q.exe, condor_submit.exe.
Nothing seems to be executable through the system() function. I assume,
there must be some condor configuration issue that I am not aware of.

Thanks for the help and suggestions


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Hi Madhu:

You should have the correct privileges to run condor_status, unless you
have explicitly changed the c:\condor\bin directory's permissions
(Everyone on the machine should at the very least have read and execute
permissions for the directory).

> System("c:\\condor\\bin\\condor_status");

Maybe a .exe extension is necessary when using your compiled program from
within Condor (unless that was just a typo).


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