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Re: [Condor-users] Condor commands execution using system() function in C++

Hi Ben,

After a hint from one of the condor users that there could be a problem with
the DLLs concerning the condor commands and sought the probability of
solving that in 7.2.2. Unfortunately the problem is persistent here as well.
I was hoping if you can help me out with the problem.

Thank you in Advance


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Hi Madhu:

You should have the correct privileges to run condor_status, unless you
have explicitly changed the c:\condor\bin directory's permissions
(Everyone on the machine should at the very least have read and execute
permissions for the directory).

> System("c:\\condor\\bin\\condor_status");

Maybe a .exe extension is necessary when using your compiled program from
within Condor (unless that was just a typo).


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