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Re: [Condor-users] Quill: "globaljobid" of"jobs_horizontal_history"Table

> What do you mean about a "JOB"?

A job is one job in the Condor queue. It is one unit of work Condor will
schedule at execute for you. It can be addressed with a cluster and
process ID: 1.1 for example.

Maybe have a look at:
http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v7.2/2_5Submitting_Job.html -- that
describes a Job and how it comes in to existence in a Condor system.

> If we consider a PROGRAM, that is executed several times, and each
execution is
> called a "JOB", then I would like statistics for that PROGRAM.

As long as each execution of PROGRAM is submitted to Condor as a
seperate job then yes, you can use Quill to do some statistical tracking
of your PROGRAM.

> So, what does the Quill offer? Statistics per "program", or just per
"execution", not
> taking into account that you have executed the same program several

It offers statistics for each Condor job in the system. If, as part of a
Condor job, you ran PROGRAM 20 times, Quill knows nothing about this
because Condor knows nothing about this. At least: it knows nothing
about this by default. You can put arbitrary ClassAd attributes on your
jobs. And you can read/write these attributes as part of your execution
flow when Condor runs your jobs for you. These arbitrary ClassAd
attributes are added to the Quill DB entries for your jobs and you can
write queries against them.

- Ian

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