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Re: [Condor-users] Did something change in the 7.2.2 Windows release?- I can't see startds any more

> Attached. It's quiet but you can see the Startd exiting/restarting quite a
> bit.

The exiting/restarting of the startd would explain the behavior on
the Collector, when the startd comes up, it gets added, when it
goes down, it gets invalidated. All of those commands come from
the startd.

> Also, it looks like hook output is being handled differently, with STDERR
> output expected to be ClassAd attribute formatted output now -- is that

I can't speak to the STDERR, but STDOUT is pushed into a ClassAd.
In fact, the line (which wraps because of an embedded new-line):

4/16 12:53:14 Failed to insert ""Failed to setup ARC environment"
" into ClassAd, ignoring invalid hook output

Comes from the code inserting the STDOUT into a ClassAd.