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Re: [Condor-users] Did something change in the 7.2.2 Windows release?- I can't see startds any more

Nothing yet, I'm still grepping through the change logs to see what might
be causing the problem.  I'll let you know more as I progress.


>> > > Attached. It's quiet but you can see the Startd
>> > exiting/restarting quite a
>> > > bit.
>> >
>> > The exiting/restarting of the startd would explain the behavior on
>> > the Collector, when the startd comes up, it gets added, when it
>> > goes down, it gets invalidated. All of those commands come from
>> > the startd.
>> Any idea why it's restarting? I'm not seeing anything myself.
>> I have a hunch its either the startd_cron job or the hook
>> that's triggering it to reboot. I'm attaching a StartLog from
>> an identical machine: same hardware, same OS, same hook and
>> startd_cron scripts -- the only difference is this box is
>> running the preview release of 7.2.2. It shows up in my
>> Collector output and runs jobs.
>> Something is definitely different. But I can't pinpoint what
>> exactly and how to accomodate the change.
> Ben: any word on this one?
> Thanks!
> - Ian
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