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[Condor-users] Dedicated scheduling broken after auth changes

I upgraded our hosts today to 7.2.2 (from 7.2.1) and made some changes
to the authentication settings, and have been unable to get dedicated
scheduling working again.  All the jobs that were queued before the
upgrade are sitting idle (and new jobs also sit idle).  condor_q
-better-analyze doesn't hint at why they won't run, but the scheduler
log has this gem:

   Can't get my match ad from mgr

One of these corresponds to each time I see this in the negotiator's log:

   condor_write(): Socket closed when trying to write 13 bytes to
<ip:47659>, fd is 11

Jobs in the standard or vanilla universe are working just fine, but
dedicated jobs are not.  The auth changes in question were to move from
host-based authentication to user-based, using almost exactly the
examples from the manual (changed for our own domain, obviously).

Any ideas?  I'll try to tcpdump some traffic shortly and see if I can
find something there, but other than those two errors above there's
nothing interesting in any of the logs I've read.

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