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Re: [Condor-users] Dedicated scheduling broken after auth changes

On 04/21/2009 03:23 PM, Steve Huston wrote:
> On 04/21/2009 10:14 AM, Steve Huston wrote:
>>    Can't get my match ad from mgr
>> One of these corresponds to each time I see this in the negotiator's log:
>>    condor_write(): Socket closed when trying to write 13 bytes to
>> <ip:47659>, fd is 11
> 4/21 15:16:30 Sent request
> 4/21 15:16:30 In case PERMISSION_AND_AD
> 4/21 15:16:30 Failed to parse ClassAd expression: 'Machine'
> 4/21 15:16:30 Can't get my match ad from mgr
> Some times it's "Failed to read ClassAd size" instead, leading me to
> believe it's something in AttrList::initFromStream(Stream& s) defined in
> src/classad.old/attrlist.cpp

Bueller? Bueller?

Due to how things are setup here, I can't just recompile with debugging
symbols and drop the binary in place, since that would replace all the
schedd's on the network, so unless someone with more intimate knowledge
of the code steps in (or someone else who can compile from source and
replicate the problem) I'm at a bit of a standstill - with a group of
people who keep asking me when the dedicated scheduling will return
since their jobs are now sitting idle.

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