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[Condor-users] Maximizing running parallel jobs

I’ve installed Condor on 6pcs;
     5 PCs quad cores, (2 pc of 8Go RAM, 1 of 4Go RAM and 2 of 3Go RAM)
     1 PC dual core 2 (3 Go RAM)
I got 22 slots, my parallel application is fragmented into more than 22 jobs (no dependency) so while running it I expected to see the 22 slots being simultaneously used being used to run tasks (each slot will be running a task) but I noticed that only 3 or 4 slots are being used simultaneously to run the set of tasks which makes my application run very slow.
Is there any configuration or recommendation that allows me to solve this problem

My configuration:
     Central Manager: PC quadcore, 8Go Ram; (manager and submitter)
     Workers: other PCs; (submitter and executer)
     Central manager config file: http://meddeb.fr.tc