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Re: [Condor-users] OnExitRemove expression evaluted to UNDEFINED(Code5 Subcode 0)

Daniel Forrest wrote:

On_exit_remove = (ExitCode != -30) && (ExitCode != -40) && (ExitCode != -20)

You can avoid the UNDEFINED problem like this:

On_exit_remove = (ExitCode =!= UNDEFINED) && (ExitCode != -30) && (ExitCode != -40) && (ExitCode != -20)

(See section of the Condor manual for more about "=!=")

That doesn't explain why your jobs are exiting without an ExitCode,

ExitCode can be left undefined if the job is exiting w/ a signal, i.e. if the job attribute ExitBySignal == True upon job completion. If that is the case, then ExitSignal will contain the numeric value of the signal.