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Re: [Condor-users] Maximizing running parallel jobs

>       I've installed Condor on 6pcs;
>            5 PCs quad cores, (2 pc of 8Go RAM, 1 of 4Go RAM and 2 of
3Go RAM)>
>            1 PC dual core 2 (3 Go RAM)
>       I got 22 slots, my parallel application is fragmented into more
than 22
> jobs (no dependency) so while running it I expected to see the 22
> being simultaneously used being used to run tasks (each slot will be
> a task) but I noticed that only 3 or 4 slots are being used
> to run the set of tasks which makes my application run very slow.
>       Is there any configuration or recommendation that allows me to
solve this problem
>       My configuration:
>            Central Manager: PC quadcore, 8Go Ram; (manager and
>            Workers: other PCs; (submitter and executer)
>            Central manager config file: http://meddeb.fr.tc

There needs to be a wiki with a section called "What to do if your job
isn't running" and at the end "How to ask for more help help when your
job isn't running". :D


The first place to start is to ask your Condor system why one of the
jobs you think should be running, isn't. You can do that with:

condor_q -better-analyze <clusterid>.<jobid>

That command can shed a lot of light on what might be keeping your jobs
off some of your machines. If the output doesn't help clear things up,
post it here along with the submission ticket you used to put your jobs
in your system. And the the output from condor_status and we can
hopefully give you a little more help with things.

Warm regards,
- Ian

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