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[Condor-users] Perl API and current dir problem

I'm using the Perl API to break up a large file and submit it incrementally to individual nodes.
The problem is how do I get the name of the directory that the job is going to run in on the node? 
Eg //node_1/home/condor/execute/dir_29509
I need to add this as an arg to the executable in the submit file and I can't see a way to do it. (passing it "." isn't working)

Start of my submit file looks lke this:

	Executable = /usr/bin/gmap
	Universe = vanilla
	# args to GMAP
	Arguments = -t 4 -B 2 -f 2 -D . -d bta_4.2_all :INPUT_FILE:

The '-D' param needs to point to be the full path to the current dir.

Any ideas?


Russell Smithies 

Bioinformatics Applications Developer 
T +64 3 489 9085 
E  russell.smithies@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Invermay  Research Centre 
Puddle Alley, 
New Zealand 
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