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Re: [Condor-users] python soap issue

You could programmatically generate the submission files in you 
python scripts and call out to the actual condor tools--letting
them do all the heavy lifting for you.


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> Actually, I tried even to create a new transaction. I wrote a simple
> object
> that goes through the whole cycle. I can instantiate it and submit a
> job.
> If I try to create another instance (same script), it crashes. I've
> been
> tracing it and I think it's not about the condor soap, but actually the
> python implementation of the client (ZSI), as the XML that comes back
> from the server is almost the same, just changing ids and times.
> I need to programatically control the jobs sent to condor. Any
> suggestions
> besides SOAP (I'm using python)?
> Cheers,
> </Martelli>