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Re: [Condor-users] Problem running 7.2.0 on x86_64 RHEL5

Hi Zach,

Previously I was using a complete 7.0.2 release with Master, Scheduler &
Start daemons. The Coordinator for the pool is on another host (that's
still running 7.0.2 at the moment).

I'd removed the 7.0.2 release from this system entirely before
installing 7.2.0. Then I rolled back to 7.0.5. I've just stepped through
this again to double check my steps:

/etc/init.d/condor stop
ps -ef | grep cond shows nothing
rpm -e condor (to remove 7.0.5)
rpm -i condor-7.2.0...x86_64.rpm
Edit /opt/condor-7.2.0/etc/condor_config &
Exported CONDOR_CONFIG=/opt/condor-7.2.0/etc/condor_config
/etc/init.d/condor start
ps -ef | grep cond shows only condor_master running

Exactly the same error in the StartLog and SchedLog files as in my
previous email.

condor_restart -master doesn't help either.