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[Condor-users] Q: System freezes when allocating more than 2 slots on dual quad core xeon cpus.

We have a Dell T7400 built out with 2 E5405 processors (Xeon quad core) running RHEL 5.3 64-bit and Condor 7.2.1 64-bit (since the master is running 7.2.1) with 32G of RAM.  When we try and set the number of CPUs to 3+ the system will seize within minutes after submitting a set of simple jobs.  If we roll the number of CPUs back to 2 everything seems to work ok.  I am wondering if there are any special tweaks we need to do in the condor_config to work with the other cores (maybe the newest version of condor?).  Or if anyone else has resolved this issue by other means (kernel patch)?  Another nugget of information is that we are running the auditd daemon with the NISPOM rule set.  I am not sure if that is a factor.


Many thanks in advance,


Ian Dickens