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[Condor-users] How to 'dynamically' set the VM_MEMORY macro?


When using the VM Universe, one has to set the VM_MEMORY macro,
to indicate how much memory will be available for the virtual machine.

I can set VM_MEMORY to a constant, eg. VM_MEMORY = 256

However, I'd like to have a general condor_config.local which defines the
VM_MEMORY depending on the physical memory in the respective PC.

We have pool PCs with different amounts of RAM (1, 2, and 4 GB).

I'd like to set VM_MEMORY to a specific fraction of the available physical
RAM, for example:


The GAHP log file complains that
   ERROR "VM_MEMORY in the condor configuration is not an integer ((  -  ) * 0.6)

Why is this not possible? There seem to be several problems here.

1. The macros $(MEMORY) and $(RESERVED_MEMORY) are not automatically
    set and instead they are empty. Are there other macros I can use here?

2. Even if I do "VM_MEMORY = 1024 * 0.6", the GAHP log file complains that
    VM_MEMORY is not set to an integer value.
    Is there no mechanism to round it off to the nearest integer value?


I am considering 0.6 times the physical available memory for the virtual universe.
Is this a reasonable fraction?

Thank you.