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Re: [Condor-users] condor_status hostname : why can't I use IP number instead of hostname?

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From: Steven Timm
> Rob--you don't say which machine you are actually doing
> the condor_status from.  What happens if you do
> condor_status pm37 on the pm37 machine?
> The magic of the @ sign is that condor_status deals with daemon
> names

Thank you Steven for giving me clues.
I'm still puzzled so here is my situation in more detail:

In an attempt to convince the library of the potential of Condor, I use
my own Linux PC as the master for a pool of public library Windows PCs.
(For now I've been allowed to install condor only on a few library PCs).

At first I will merely do statistics on the pool PCs: register their Owner/Unclaimed
status. Condor_status on the master tells me that info. Later I will present this
data to the library management and to hopefully install condor in full scale.

The condor_status results are not up-to-date; with the -direct I can get the actual
up-to-date status of each Windows PC, which gives better data for the statistics.

My confusion started when names of the dual core PCs worked with condor_status;
but single core PCs won't (as I described earlier).

Everything described was about executing the condor_status command on the
Linux master PC.

To answer your question:
When I do "condor_status pm37" on the pm37 pool PC, it works fine.
But that doesn't help me!

I just don't understand why "condor_status slot1@pm37" would just work
(if pm37 had been a dual core PC).

Any ideas?