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Re: [Condor-users] Condor on Fedora 11

Alas, Alex [FEDI] wrote:
> Greeting to all,
> I am trying to install condor on a Fedora 11 system as a submit only
> node. I tried the RHEL5 tar release but even though is completes the
> installation successfully, then I modified the condor_config and
> condor_config.local files according to my environment values, when I
> tried to run condor_master I cannot make it work, it always comes back
> with errors messages saying: it cannot execute binary file.
> What would be the best condor tar release that can be installed in
> Fedora boxes?
> Thanks for your time and input in advance!
> Respectfully,
> Alex Alas
> Systems Administrator
> Fugro EarthData Inc.

If you aren't using the Standard Universe, you should try:

 $ yum install condor

It has been around since F8.