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[Condor-users] How to tell if a machine is trying to shut down from a job hook?

I've hit an odd snag in my job hook setup:

I have machine advertising two slots. One slot is running a really long
job. The other is empty.

I tell the machine to shut down peacefully with: condor_off -peaceful

The problem I'm seeing is that my hook fetch work script for the empty
slot keeps getting called even though condor_off has been issued *and*
the State of the slot is Unclaimed. So the hook keeps trying to give the
slot work, but the slot (presumably because it's been told to shut down
peacefully and its just waiting for the other slot to finish with its
work) is rejecting the work.

I'm trying to figure out how to tell, from my hook script, that my
machine is being told to shut down.

I got a machine setup running one job in one slot, then issued
condor_off -peaceful, and captured the before and after machine add that
my fetch work hook was being passed.

It looks like after condor_off -peaceful is called the machine ad passed
to the fetch work hook script no longer contains a Start variable and
Requirements has been set to False.

Does that sound right?

Any other way to tell the machine is being told to shut down?

- Ian

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