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[Condor-users] issue installing condor on debian 5.0

hi friends
i'm trying to install condor on debian 5.0 and i'm getting this message:

WARNING: Unable to determine full hostname for host 'debian'. Condor may not work properly
Please set the environment variable $HOSTNAME to the full name of this machine (e.g., mymachine.mydomain.com)
Setting up Condor in /home/antonio/condor-7.2.2

Condor has been installed into:
Created scripts which can be sourced by users to setup their
Condor environment variables.  These are:
   sh: /home/antonio/condor-7.2.2/condor.sh
  csh: /home/antonio/condor-7.2.2/condor.csh

what this warning means?
my $HOSTNAME env var is already setted by default to "debian"
is condor installed and ready to run?

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