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Re: [Condor-users] condor 7.2.2 on ubuntu hardy 8.04 lts

Stefan Kluth wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> On Wed, 13 May 2009, Matthew Farrellee wrote:
>> Stefan Kluth wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am trying to get condor 7.2.2 to build on ubuntu hardy.  Since this is
>>> very similar to debian lenny, I hoped for a smooth ride ...
>>> I installed the packages needed for building, and currently have this
>>> configuration
>>> ./configure --disable-gcc-version-check --without-krb5 --without-glibc
>>> --without-globus --without-openssl --without-gsoap --without-postgresql
>>> The build stops with an error from "pgsqldatabase" (details can be sent if
>>> needed).
>>> But I think the easier way would be to get the build procedure used by the
>>> condor developers to build the condor-7.2.2-linux-x86-debian50*.tar.gz
>>> packages from sources.  Could somebody sent this?
>>> Cheers, Stefan
>> If you're still trying to build, I think there's a glitch in the
>> configure script. Looks like you need --disable-quill along with
>> --without-postgresql.
> I'll try.  Since I am a novice, do you have a good ./configure line to get 
> started?  I just removed (--disable-*) whatever seemed redundant or gave 
> trouble, but that for sure is not the right approach.

I have an enormous one that I typically build with. It is long because I
build Condor against system libraries instead of externals, and do
dynamic linking instead of static. It goes like this...

./build_init && ./configure --enable-proper --disable-full-port
--disable-gcc-version-check --disable-glibc-version-check
--disable-static --disable-rpm --disable-kbdd --disable-hibernation
--disable-lease-manager --without-zlib --with-openssl --with-krb5
--without-postgresql --with-gsoap --with-classads --disable-quill

To use it you need to have gsoap and classads installed on your system.
If you remote --enable-proper then you'll build against externals instead.