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Re: [Condor-users] Max. amount of Jobs in queue

On the 6.8 series the limit is more like 15K (and slightly lower on XP
verses a server based install).

Hopefully you're on a seven series so the 150K sounds reasonable.

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Max Raith wrote:
> Hey Condor Users,
> Condor is set up in a Pool of 5 Windows Machines(Intel Dual Cores).
> So far it works fine and first test runs were successful. Our goal is 
> to run a simulation and an analysis with 150000 input files. The 
> Submisson took a while, but it worked. So we let the Condorpool do its

> work over the night and its still running. So we have some concerns 
> about the maximuam amout of jobs in the scheduler of the central 
> manager. Are there any known restrictions or limits? As I havent used 
> the requeriement statement in the submit file ,  it seems that the 
> order the jobs are executed happends randomly. Can I influnce this 
> behavoir in any way? I would like to have a first in first out 
> principe.
> Thanks in advance
> Best regards
> Max Raith

Have a look at job priorities...


And, man condor_submit (search for "priority = <integer>"

The Schedd has a default limit of *running* 200 jobs at a time, but that
won't effect you until you have >200 slots available. A single Schedd
should not have much problem with 150K submitted jobs. Are there
specific concerns?


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