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Re: [Condor-users] Max. amount of Jobs in queue

> On the 6.8 series the limit is more like 15K (and slightly lower on XP
> verses a server based install).

We've routinely pushed our Linux 6.8.x series schedds to 40,000 jobs
with about a 100:1 job:cluster ratio. With 500 startd's pulling and
running jobs from one schedd. The trick is auto-cluster configuration
and controlling the jobs coming in. You really want to keep a tight
reign on how jobs look when they enter the system. Lots of consistency
is important for good auto-clustering.

And you don't want anyone running condor_q calls against a schedd that's
working that hard.

> Hopefully you're on a seven series so the 150K sounds reasonable.

Or you can, as Matt pointed out, skip 6.x and save yourself all the
trouble. I think we only a handful of startd's you don't have a lot to
worry about.

- Ian

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