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Re: [Condor-users] exclude nodes via the condor_config?

> So if I want to exclude machines named imp56, imp57..imp63 I
> could do something like this?
>     START != regexp("imp(56|57|58|59|60|61|62|63)@.*", Machine)
> Or is there a better way of writing it?

Close. The = separating the START and the expression cannot be changed to a != expression. It's an "assign expression to attribute" clause, not a "make attribute equal to this or not this" clause. That can be a little confusing.

But your regexp just needs a tweak and it should work. Try:

        START = regexp("imp(56|57|58|59|60|61|62|63)@.*", Machine) != True

I think that'll work for you.

- Ian

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