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Re: [Condor-users] Earlier problem and defining Condor_Collector

Hi Charles,
I don't quite understand what you mean you couldn't see condor_collector daemon. Have you tried "ps -ef | grep condor"  to see if the condor_collector daemon is running on your central manager? 
I guess what you mean defining condor_collector or condor_negotiator is that you want to run these daemons on a different machine instead of your central manager. Is that right? If so, you can add or delete the definition in the condor_config.local file on the macro "DAEMON_LIST", which has five options including "COLLECTOR", "MASTER", "NEGOTIATOR", "SCHEDD" and "STARTD". So you can choose which daemons to run on your machine.
If still anything goes wrong, please check the log files under the $CONDOR_HOME/local.$HOSTNAME/log directory. Detailed information about your problem may help a lot.
Good luck.

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发件人: Charles Embry
发送时间: 2009-11-14  06:31:15
收件人: condor-users
主题: [Condor-users] Earlier problem and defining Condor_Collector
I been working on the problem I posted earlier all this afternoon and going through my local and global config files. I noticed that Condor_collector and Condor_negotiator are not defined anywhere in those files and when I run condor_status -any I never see condor_collector displayed but the other three daemons do. WHere should it be defined? I assume it will be CONDOR_COLLECTOR = $(CONDOR_HOST) and CONDOR_NEGORIATOR = $(CONDOR_HOST) but which config file or is it somewhere else?
I am trying to get this central manager to submit and execute before I add more machines to the pool and I am using 7.2.4. And when i ran condor_master instead of condor_restart like recommended by earlier uses in my previous question I get the same results, a blank answer.

Thanks for any help