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Re: [Condor-users] Help :Stupid newbie question

saurabh mantri wrote:
> Just installed Condor, but got this warning
> Unable to determine full hostname for host 'saurabh-laptop'. Condor may
> not work properly
> Please set the environment variable $HOSTNAME to the full name of this
> machine (e.g., mymachine.mydomain.com <http://mymachine.mydomain.com>)
> This is my stand-alone laptop, which ll act as master,submit and execute,
> Can someone tell me what should i set the $HOSTNAME to. I use the home
> n/w which has the router address as
> Once this is done, i would also like others to submit jobs to my laptop.
> Thank you in advance.
> -- 
> Saurabh Mantri
> Graduate Intern
> Research Advancement & Development
> SUNY-Binghamton
> Mobile 1-302-228-7380
> Google Voice : 574-MANTRI-1 (574-626-8741)

Condor likes to be able to take a name map it to an IP and then back to the same name. If you don't have DNS setup that way you can get around the issue with appropriate /etc/hosts files or trying the NO_DNS configuration options.

I just use a .local domain on my laptop and everything works fine.