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Re: [Condor-users] Using TransactionManagment with Schedd

Manikanta Swamy Kattamuri wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently i faced a problem with SOAP request for schedd Ads.
> Schedd started servicing SOAP request and got stuck i.e it did not
> complete the request.
> we found this after 20 mins and took the required actions.
> The problem:
> As a precaution i want to use transaction for SOAP request to schedd.
> The cases present will come here are
> 1. SOAP request successful 
> 	Impact: No complications.
> 	external queries are not affected.
> 2. SOAP request taking long time or stuck
> 	Impact : ???
> 	external queries and schedd status : ???
> 	I was not able to reproduce the issue. 
> 	I did not find a way to increase SOAP response time.
> 	Assumptions:
> 		After transaction limit the schedd daemon will stop processing the
> SOAP request and return back to its previous state.
> I want to know whether my assumptions is correct or not.
> Thanks & Regards
> Manikanta Swamy K | Bangalore | +919986991495

The transaction is extended when a SOAP operation arrives. If the transaction expires during the operation, the Schedd will not terminate the operation. The Schedd will wait for the operation to complete and then it will abort the transaction.

Do you know what operation it taking a long time? Are you using query workers and performing many queries on a condor_schedd with a large memory footprint?