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Re: [Condor-users] RunAsOwner on linux

The reason you have to use a + sign to set the RunAsOwner attribute is that the condor submit command RunAsOwner (or run_as_owner) is only currently recognized under Windows. This was an oversight. For 7.4, I have made a fix so that RunAsOwner is recognized as a valid command under unix as well. In the mean time, using +RunAsOwner=false will directly set the appropriate attribute in the job ClassAd.


Ochtrup, Carsten wrote:
it seems you missed the '+' sign.


+RunAsOwner = False


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We are running Condor 7.2.4 in a pool of 64-bit Centos (RHEL5) boxes sharing UID and filesystem domains, and occasionally flocking to another pool including linux boxes across campus. We would sometimes like to run the "local" jobs as a dedicated condor execute user, because this reduces load on the server hosting ordinary user profiles.
The manual/config file suggests that we can do this by setting "RunAsOwner = False" in the Condor job description file.  But if we do that, we get the warning:
  WARNING: the line `runasowner = False' was unused by condor_submit. Is it a typo?
and jobs continue to run with the ordinary submitting UID.  We seem to be able to get around this partially, by doing
  condor_qedit <jobID> RunAsOwner False
after the jobs have been queued, but often this will be too late for the first few dozen jobs that will have started executing - which is a pain.

We get similar errors with the alternative job description file syntax "run_as_owner=False" that is also suggested by the manual, but using this with condor_qedit has no effect.

Ideally we would like to be able to use RunAsOwner directly within the Condor job description file.  Does anyone have any advice, please?