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Re: [Condor-users] dos box popups on condor_q

Does your condor_config.local look something like this:

$(BIN)\cycle_cache_config.exe $(LOCAL_DIR)\condor_config.cache 30 30

It pulls down the config from a central location allowing us to
control the config on the artist machines.  I think probably between
the previous version and 7.0.5 that the Win32ProcessParam for not
creating a window was set to false, and previously it was true.

If your .local is empty, you will not have this problem.  I can run
cycle_cache_config in a sub-process, set the flag to true, and no
window is created, so I'm pretty confident about this.


On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 12:07 PM, Ian Chesal<ICHESAL@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> So, yesterday I posted asking if there was something odd going on;
>> when I run condor_q, or any other utility it pops up a dos box
>> momentarily.  I asked why this started when we upgraded to version
>> 7.0.5.  I realized that the problem is caused by invoking a tool that
>> downloads the config from the scheduler.  I believe in the condor
>> source the do not create window flag must be set to false.
>> Has this been fixed in versions newer than 7.0.5?
> Mark, I've been using Condors on Windows (XP and a little Vista) since
> the 6.8.x days and I've never seen this behaviour you mention. All our
> config files are located on a remote share and our CONFIG_FILE entry in
> the HKLM hive for Condor has a UNC path in it (something like
> \\mysitenas\condor\configs\condor_config). Never get DOS window pop-ups
> when I run commands like condor_status, condor_q, condor_config_val,
> etc.
> - Ian
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