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Re: [Condor-users] IO: Incoming packet header unrecognized

Can you wget files in /usr/web from

If not, what does condor_version say?


Richard Hosking wrote:
Hey Guys,

Im trying to setup condor and Cloud Scheduler (http://wiki.github.com/hep-gc/cloud-scheduler/). Cloud scheduler tries to connect to the condor scheduling web service but the connection gets reset each time it tries.

I have these setting in the condor_config file:

WEB_ROOT_DIR = /usr/web
SCHEDD_ARGS = -p 8081

And this is the following error messages that are found in the SchedLog:

IO: Incoming packet header unrecognized
DaemonCore: Can't receive command request from (perhaps a timeout?)

There may be something wrong with my configuration of Cloud Scheduler that is causing badly formatted messages (which im looking into), but i was wondering if anyone could suggest reasons why condor could be acting this way, or even ways i can get more information about the reason the packet header is unrecognized.

Thanks for your time,
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