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Re: [Condor-users] Why do kflops and mips vary so much?

That's a difference of 1% I wouldn't expect better accuracy from a benchmark in an uncontrolled environment (i.e. other process could be running at the same time on a non realtime OS)


Anything that runs long enough to smooth out effects from things like dynamic power levels or turbo boost will end up being subject to the vagaries of the OS time slicing, even on a relatively uncontended system. If other things are running as well then even more so.


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I've never paid much attention to those values in my machine class ads, but today I noticed that they bounce around quite a bit for any given machine. I just had one machine go from reporting ~894000 kflops to ~904000 kflops. That a fairly significant change.

What's Condor doing to benchmark machines that the results fluctuate so widely?

If I turn off benchmarking do I lose anything else other than Kflops and MIPS numbers in my ClassAds?

- Ian


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