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Re: [Condor-users] Why do kflops and mips vary so much?


> The noise and the inherent difficulties in really measuring the
> "performance" of a machine in an uncontrolled environment are why I'm
> asking: what is it doing to get these numbers? Why is there any noise at
> all?
> > Anything that runs long enough to smooth out effects from things like
> > dynamic power levels or turbo boost will end up being subject to the
> > vagaries of the OS time slicing, even on a relatively uncontended system.
> > If other things are running as well then even more so.
> Read: the numbers are mostly useless. :)

This feels like a religious debate that I'd rather not get into....
> I'm all for running things once at startup and then never again. Because I
> think the numbers don't mean a whole lot and because I'd rather Condor just
> get out of the way if there's a slot not doing anything, not benchmark my
> machine.

Well, in that case, you should like my proposal...  It'd allow you (as the 
administrator) control exactly what to run and when.


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