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Re: [Condor-users] return of the KeyboardIdle bug ??

On another note/issue:

Ian, are you able to submit jobs from a windows machine running
version 7.4.*?



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Smith, Ian wrote:
> Dear All,
> With eager anticipation I installed Condor 7.4.2 hoping that it would
>  fix the KeyboardIdle timer bug
> (see:
> https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/condor-users/2010-February/msg00147.shtml
> )
> but is still seems to be present. I'm using Win XP SP 3. Has anyone 
> else noticed this under Windoze. I've followed the advice in:
> https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/condor-users/2010-March/msg00053.shtml

Hi Ian -

The above recipe should work w/ XP, Vista, and Win7. Or at least it does
for us.  Something else must be at play, and I am as eager to get to the
bottom of it as you.

To confirm
   1. You are running Condor v7.4.2
   2. Your condor_config has the line
         KBDD_LOG = c:\NUL
      (or d:\NUL ... whatever is a drive that exists)
   3. Your registry tells Windows to run the condor_kbdd.exe upon login, aka

What needs to happen is the condor_kbdd should be running as the logged
in user, and it will poll the Windows OS every 5 seconds to see if any 
mouse/keyboard activity occured since the last poll.  If activity 
occurred, the kbdd sends a message (via UDP) to the startd.  The startd 
receives this message, confirms that the src IP address on the packet 
originated from the same machine, and then updates KeyboardIdle, 
ConsoleIdle appropriately.

Troubleshooting questions:
- When you login, does the task manager show the condor_kbdd running?
- With STARTD_DEUBG = D_COMMAND, do you see the "command_x_event"
entries similar to the following in the StartLog when using the console
of the machine?
> 04/26 10:06:44 Received UDP command 427 (X_EVENT_NOTIFICATION) from
> <xx.xx.xx.xx:1392>, access level ALLOW


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