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[Condor-users] New user with a lot of questions

I'm new to condor so I have a lot of questions!

1) Does the condition CpuIdleTime exist. If it doesn't where and how can I define it.

2) I'm actually using condor on ubuntu 10.04 and running the master server on it.
On ubuntu there is not full portage, and specially no standart universe. If I go
on debian or other linux where there is this universe, If the other computers of the
pool still run on ubuntu will they be able to use the standart universe?

3) Is there a way to monitor a running job, to know it's history:
what succession of state does it went throught, was it restarted from
the begining. Im interested in this because, i am testing some parameters
and it will be helpful.

4) Is there a way to force condor_status to refresh :)

5) I don't really know how to share the condor_config file.
Is there a way to propagate it to the computeur on the pool.
(It doesn't sound secure but i'm wondering).

6) Where is defined who can suppress all the job of the queue
and who can't

I think it's all for now :)
I just would like to thanks for the job allready done,
because it was really easy for me to install an use it.