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Re: [Condor-users] New user with a lot of questions

> 1) Does the condition CpuIdleTime exist. If it doesn't where and how
> can I define it.

A slot ad will advertise LoadAvg -- the current system load average

> , If the other computers of the
> pool still run on ubuntu will they be able to use the standart
> universe?

standard universe would not be supported by condor daemons not built to
enable it.

> 4) Is there a way to force condor_status to refresh :)

condor_status obtains the class adds that are most recently published.
It is possible to increase update frequency with configuration
parameters, for example:

# tell condor master to update its ads every 30 seconds

> 5) I don't really know how to share the condor_config file.
> Is there a way to propagate it to the computeur on the pool.
> (It doesn't sound secure but i'm wondering).

you can place condor_config on a shared drive visible to multiple
machines in the pool:

> 6) Where is defined who can suppress all the job of the queue
> and who can't
> I think it's all for now :)
> I just would like to thanks for the job allready done,
> because it was really easy for me to install an use it.
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