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Re: [Condor-users] condor_rooster


General advice for getting condor_rooster to work:

1. the execute nodes and central manager must be running Condor 7.3.2 or later.

2. OFFLINE_LOG must be configured so that the ClassAds of offline machines are saved. Verify that when a machine enters the hibernating state that you can see a ClassAd for that machine. The following command should list all hibernating machines:

condor_status -constraint 'Offline'

3. you must add ROOSTER to DAEMON_LIST on a machine from which condor_power can successfully wake up hibernating machines. (Changes to DAEMON_LIST require a restart of condor.) I recommend testing with condor_power by hand to make sure it can wake up hibernating machines.


Tom T wrote:
Has anyone who has spent time to get the Condor pool to
work with power saving Windows hosts I am very interested in
using condor_rooster to wake up machines automatically according to
demand but I cannot for the life of me understand how it works
Is there any more documentation available on this - Version 7.5 manual is a bit
short on info.
I am curious to see how other people are handling this .
Thanks in Advance

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