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Re: [Condor-users] quick condor_rooster question

Hello Ian,

There is no configuration setting to limit the number of machines woken in a cycle. As you suggested, you could limit the rate by wrapping condor_power with a script that sleeps. Here's an example that limits the rate to 1 wakeup per 30s:

ROOSTER_WAKEUP_CMD = "/path/to/sleep_exec 30 $(BIN)/condor_power -d -i"

And then create sleep_exec:

sleep $1
exec "$@"

Hacky workaround or elegant plug-in.  Call it what you wish!


Smith, Ian wrote:
Hello All,

Very quick question - is there an easy way of limiting the number of machines woken up
on each condor_rooster cycle. ( The reason I ask is that if a user submits a large
number of jobs then it appears that condor_rooster will try to wake up everything
and the manager will get swamped. ) .I can think of a hacky workaround by substituting condor_power for my own script but something more elegant
would be nice.



Dr Ian C. Smith,
e-Science Team,
The University of Liverpool,
Computing Services Department

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