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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with WSDL and SOAP usage

Few quick comments inline...

SMITH Michael wrote:
Thank you very much for your help.

I tried requestReschedule() this morning to no avail, the job remains in
the idle state and the only way to get it out is to use condor_rm <job>;
condor_rm -forcex <job>.

Another issue to mention, by convention the condor web service is
supposed to massage the "SOAP:address location" upon HTTP GET to report
the correct URI (and port), and it doesn't do that.  Leaving you with
the only option to manually edit the "SOAP:address location" attribute
of the WSDL before code generation.  This creates the problem that the
port and address are fixed and cannot be configurable and/or dynamic.
Unless I am flat out wrong about it, this to me is a serious flaw and
the SOAP/WSDL implementation is crippled.

Some services do that. All sane toolkits let you override, and you already know the endpoint if you're issuing a GET for the WSDL dynamically.

I'm moving on to write java code that makes calls to condor commands via
the command line interface, which is btw is going extremely well.  Doing
so mainly because of the trouble I've faced with the SOAP API, and it
seems like the problems I've faced are just the tip of the iceberg.  One
hurdle after the other.  Unless someone has a very compelling reason to
switch back, I can't afford to spend more time on troubleshooting the
SOAP interface.

If you go this way be sure to use -format.

(more below)

Michael Smith
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Excellent, thank you so much for the reply.

My responses follow:
1. Did that.  Windows can't do -better, linux with -remote simply shows
same as -ana alone, but with a little extra showing the requirements.
2. Yes compared the SOAP vs. CMD line with a visual diff tool, and tried
extensively inserting classad lines making a close match as possible.
Ultimately failed.
3. Tomorrow, I'll try the requestReschedule() because I consistently get
"2 match but reject for unknown reasons".  Does that make sense?

Michael Smith
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Hi Smith,

       Do the following.

      1. condor_q <jobId> -bet -ana

      2. Did you compared the compare the JobAds submitted through SOAP
& Cmd line. If some got missed add that also.

      3. If your job matches any machines call requestReschedule() after
job submission.


SMITH Michael wrote:
Using 7.2.4 on Windows XP, with Netbeans 6.8 I've generated a jar with

the condorSchedd.wsdl and condorCollector.wsdl. In addition I've created a small java app which attempts to submit a job. For 3 full days, I've followed instructions and countless pages on the web searching for tidbits of information that can help me. For a test, the job works well using the equivalent job from the command line (condor_submit) using the following submit file. // THIS Woks well only when the SCHEDD_ARGS = -p 8088 is not enabled universe = vanilla executable = E:\xfer\myuname_$$(OpSys) arguments = -a output = uname.out error = uname.err log = uname.log requirements = OpSys == "LINUX"
shouldtransferfiles = IF_NEEDED
whentotransferoutput = ON_EXIT
queue The problem is the job submits but remains idle forever. My job is submitted on Windows and attemps to run a job on a Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)

Is the job being attempted? Is the NumShadowStarts = 0 (condor_q -long <jobid> | grep NumShadowStarts)?

running Condor 7.2.4, the condor master is the linux box.  This is the

equivalent java code that submits well but the job never runs, instead

remaining in the idle state.
// I must enable the SCHEDD_ARGS = -p 8088 CondorSchedd service = new CondorSchedd();
            CondorScheddPortType port = service.getCondorSchedd();
TransactionAndStatus transaction = port.beginTransaction(3000); System.out.println("transaction.status := " + transaction.getStatus().getCode().value());
            IntAndStatus clusterId =
System.out.println("clusterId.status := " + clusterId.getStatus().getCode().value());
            IntAndStatus jobId =
port.newJob(transaction.getTransaction(), clusterId.getInteger());
System.out.println("jobId.status := " + jobId.getStatus().getCode().value());
            System.out.println("clusterId := " +
clusterId.getInteger() + " jobId := " + jobId.getInteger());
            ClassAdStructAndStatus jobAd = port.createJobTemplate(
                    "-a", // arguments
                    "(OpSys == \"LINUX\")"
System.out.println("classAd.status := " + jobAd.getStatus().getCode().value());
             ClassAdStructAttr attr = new ClassAdStructAttr();
attr = new ClassAdStructAttr();
attr = new ClassAdStructAttr();
attr = new ClassAdStructAttr();
attr = new ClassAdStructAttr();
attr = new ClassAdStructAttr();

            RequirementsAndStatus submitResult = port.submit(
System.out.println("result.status := " + submitResult.getStatus().getCode().value());
            Status status =
System.out.println("commit status := " + status.getMessage().getValue()); Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried using the birdbath.jar but ran up against a wall when trying to Axis, it's old and no longer functional.

You said the Schedd is running on a Linux box? If so I'll bet the "e:\tmp' isn't accessible from where the condor_schedd is running. If you need files transferred in for the job you'll need to send them along as well. There's a helper library to deal with these things, google for birdbath.jar

The job is probably trying to run but failing on those paths. You can probably see that in the SchedLog.



/Michael Smith/