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Re: [Condor-users] "Shadow exception!" error. What happened?

Rob wrote:

I have a Fedora Linux condor (7.4.2), mastering a pool of WIndows XP
systems with condor (7.2.4). I submit a VMware 1.0 virtual machine.
This usually works alright, but occassionally the job gets stuck by this
"Shadow exception".

Can somebody tell me where this comes from?
See for more details below.

The ShadowLog file would hopefully contain the best clues, esp the section of the ShadowLog for the shadow instance that put the job on hold. The ShadowLog will contain the job id and the shadow pid number on each line - from the schedd log below we see that shadow pid 30312 for job 37.0 was the one that propagated the error, so that is the section of the shadowlog to focus on.