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Re: [Condor-users] Installing and running Condor on Amazon EC2 windows AMI

On 11/12/2010 02:13 PM, Rob Matthews wrote:

I am slowly working towards setting up a condor pool comprised of Amazon
EC2 instances. In other words an ad-hoc condor pool made up of a series
of EC2 instances networked together each running condor. I am a bit of a
novice with EC2 but I think I might be able to do this with a Virtual
Private Cloud in EC2. Anyway the executable I need to run within the
pool on EC2 is built for Windows, so as a first step I am just trying to
install and run condor on a single EC2 Windows instance.

I am using the msi installer and leaving the default options and condor
seems to install successfully. After installing and running
‘condor_store_cred’ I can submit a (dagman) job and condor_q shows the
jobs in the queue. However condor_status does not work (reports nothing)
and the jobs in the queue never get executed. This same job works fine
on a small local test pool made up of physical machines so I suspect the
problem is not in the job but in the install configuration on the EC2
instance. Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions?


Rob Matthews

Not specifically for Windows execute nodes in EC2, but Red Hat's Cloud Foundations documentation covers local Submit+CM and EC2 based Execute node configurations.