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[Condor-users] Run Jobs in two architectures

Good morning
 I have a heterogeneous cluster with condor:
 2 DualQuadCore Servers (X86_64)
 3 PCs (x86)
All of them are Execute, I have the same programs installed on them and I want that when I submit a job it runs in all of them (But condor "require" same architecture in the submit and execute nodes), I'd disable the transfer of the executable to the nodes:
 transfer_executable = False
and I'd think to add a Requirements line like this to the submit file:
      requirements = Arch=="X86_64" || Arch=="INTEL"
 But that only means that It require that, not that It can run there, What line should I add to the submitFile to allow the task run in both architectures at the same time?
Thank you.

Edier Alberto Zapata Hernández
Est. Ingeniería de Sistemas
Universidad de Valle