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Re: [Condor-users] Condor Virtual Machines with KVM

The KVM and Xen support use libvirt.  Have you tried starting your VM
from a host in question using straight virsh/virt-manager tools first? Have you checked to see if the VM is actually ending up defined in libvirt or not (virsh list --all)? If the VM works with straight libvirt but doesn't under Condor but is showing up as defined - compare the libvirt definitions of the guests (virsh dumpxml). If it's not, then make sure you have logging properly configured in /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf and see what that is reporting.

On Wed, 13 Oct 2010, Ryan Jansen wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to get Condor to run virtual machines using the KVM
hypervisor, but I'm having some problems.

I have a few machines set up to run VMs through Condor, and, based on their
log files, they are attempting to start vm universe jobs when I submit them.
The virtual machine image, however, never gets loaded, and the job fails.
Condor tries to resubmit it, but it just keeps failing. I think this is due
to permissions issues related to bridged networking.

It appears that bridged networking is broken in KVM for non-root users. When
you try to start a virtual machine, KVM (through qemu) tries to create a TAP
device to connect through your network bridge. Creating a TAP device,
however, appears to be restricted to root users, and it throws an error when
you try to start a VM using a non-root account.

So, my question is - can Condor run virtual machines that use bridged
networking through KVM? Is there a workaround to get past the TAP device
issue? Does anyone have any experience with Condor and KVM?

Any insight would be very much appreciated.


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