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Re: [Condor-users] Condor Virtual Machines with KVM

What version of condor are you using? Prior to 7.4.3, condor had issues using bridged networking in all libvirt based VMs (xen or kvm). See https://condor-wiki.cs.wisc.edu/index.cgi/tktview?tn=1402 for details.

Do the logs have anything useful when the VM is attempted to be loaded? Try running with D_FULLDEBUG. You should see the xml used to run the VM.


Ryan Jansen wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to get Condor to run virtual machines using the KVM hypervisor, but I'm having some problems.

I have a few machines set up to run VMs through Condor, and, based on their log files, they are attempting to start vm universe jobs when I submit them. The virtual machine image, however, never gets loaded, and the job fails. Condor tries to resubmit it, but it just keeps failing. I think this is due to permissions issues related to bridged networking.

It appears that bridged networking is broken in KVM for non-root users. When you try to start a virtual machine, KVM (through qemu) tries to create a TAP device to connect through your network bridge. Creating a TAP device, however, appears to be restricted to root users, and it throws an error when you try to start a VM using a non-root account.

So, my question is - can Condor run virtual machines that use bridged networking through KVM? Is there a workaround to get past the TAP device issue? Does anyone have any experience with Condor and KVM?

Any insight would be very much appreciated.



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