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Re: [Condor-users] Define Pool Password (Central password storage) for Windows Pool to use the RunAsOwner functionality

I've used the condor_restart command to restart the central manager and
the other four hosts as well. I'll try to use the 

net stop condor 
net start condor

instead and let you know if this changed something but the question is
again: "Need the user account condor_pool to be created on the
machines?" I'm confused about the message

Account: condor_pool@<my.central.manager> 

which the condor_store_cred command is giving me when I register the

Am Donnerstag, den 28.10.2010, 08:15 -0700 schrieb Torrin Jones:
> [SNIP]
>         My question now is: Should I create a user called
>         "condor_pool" in
>         order for the central password storage to work? If yes which
>         properties should this account have (Admin account (local),
>         Domain
>         Admin, Normal user account...) or is there something else I'm
>         missing
>         here?
> [SNIP]
> Did you restart condor after setting the pool password?
> net stop condor
> net start condor 
> You'll probably have to do that on all WINDOWS systems.
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