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[Condor-users] $ENV() in condor_config windows version 7.4.3 issues

Hi All
We've been experimenting with the use of the special macro $ENV(environment_variable) in
our condor_config file. This issue has come about with 64 bit PCs starting to come online in
our pool of machines. We have hard-coded in our condor_config file the following:
LOCAL_DIR = C:\PROGRA~1\condor
LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = $(LOCAL_DIR)\condor_config.local
However our kixstart install script installs into %PROGRAMFILES% and on 64 bit windows
this is "c:\program files (x86)" (which becomes c:\progra~2). So we've tried the following:
RELEASE_DIR = $ENV(ProgramFiles)\condor
LOCAL_DIR = $ENV(ProgramFiles)\condor
LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = $ENV(ProgramFiles)\condor\condor_config.local
This works fine for the release_dir and the local_dir BUT NOT for local_config_file.
Using "condor_config_val -dump" gives:
ERROR: Can't read config source C:\Program
so it appears to be struggling with the whitespace in "C:\Program Files"
Note that trying other ways such as using:
LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = $(LOCAL_DIR)\condor_config.local
LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = C:\Program Files\condor\condor_config.local
have the same issue.

Has anyone else used this $ENV and /or come across this problem.
Can anyone confirm if this is a "bug" or do I need to do something different?
Thanks for any help.