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Re: [Condor-users] condor user status

On 16/04/2011 15:10, Rita wrote:
Is it possible to get the status of user's job running/idle similar to condor_status -submitters?

condor_status -submitters shows by accounting group which is ok but it would be more beneficial to have the Unix Username only since some users use multiple accounting groups. A condor_status -users would we much appreciated in 7.6.x

A quick (and dirty) fix could be:
condor_q -format "%s " Owner -format "%s\n" 'ifThenElse(JobStatus==1,"I",ifThenElse(JobStatus==2,"R",\
ifThenElse(JobStatus==5,"H",string(JobStatus)))' | sort | uniq -c

Or, maybe a script like this:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import re, commands, struct

q_users = "condor_q -format \"\%s \" Owner -format \"\%s\\n\" JobStatus"
cmdOut = commands.getoutput(q_users)
counts = {}

for i in cmdOut.split('\n'):
    user, irh = i.split()
    u = counts.setdefault(user, {})
    u[irh] = u.setdefault(irh, 0) + 1

print "%-14s%10s%10s%10s" % ('User','Idel','Running','Held')
print "=" * 44
for user in counts:
    stat = counts[user]
    print "%-14s%10s%10s%10s" % \
        (user, stat.get('1', 0), stat.get('2', 0), stat.get('5', 0))

The result is not sorted and there is no error-check in it.


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