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Re: [Condor-users] C of C++ API for Condor

Some hints from my experiences doing scraping the output of the command line tools.


Note that, if you do this, you should avoid querying the schedd (condor_q) at all costs for any general stats unless absolutely necessary.

If you can handle limited delays then query the collector for those details via condor_status -submitter instead.

*never* use condor_q -global. The rest of your users will hate you for it.


Querying the schedd for a specific <ProcessId>.<JobId> is also much faster than querying for a ProcessId (in that once it finds a match it stops scanning it’s state)


You will need to deal with condor_q occasionally failing to respond as well.


I strongly suggest that when you do this you start using the -format options from the beginning, it will make you far more tolerant to changes in the command line tools behaviour. This will likely mean you need to be able to parse unix epoch based second timestamps (trivial on unix, not hard on windows with a function)





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