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[Condor-users] Shared file system issues [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]




I’m having problems getting the shared file system mechanism working. I have an executable job that is passed an input and generates an output file based on what is specified: e.g. MyJob.exe C:\MyInput.in C:\MyOutput.out


I have shared folder on a network drive: e.g. \\MY_SHARED_NETWORK_MACHINE\SharedOutputFolder


I have modified the config files on all submit and execution machines that can see the network drive: e.g. FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN = MY_SHARED_NETWORK_MACINE.mydomain.com


My ClassAd looks like this:


Executable = MuJob.exe

Universe = vanilla


Arguments = MyInput.in MyOutput.out

TransferInputFiles = MyInput.in

ShouldTransferFiles = YES

WhenToTransferOutput = ON_EXIT

transfer_output_remaps = “MyOutput.out = \\\\MY_SHARED_NETWORK_MACHINE\\SharedOutputFolder\\MyOutput.out




I am having issues getting this to work. Is it configured correctly for a shared file system? Is the ClassAd correct? The job runs, but gets placed on hold when it finishes. Running condor_q –better-analyze says “No such file or directory” for the output file.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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